Nationwide Periodicals Group - Fight to Let Me Out of draconian and misleading contract

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I was told I'd won a men's or women's quartz watch with a diamond at 12:00.Later I was told I would get free magazines.Later still I was told Iwould need to buy weekly magazines as well, sweetened with a chance to wina sweepstakes.

I agreed. When I thought about it and realized how much Iwould be paying for magazines I really didn't want, I resolved to call tocancel as soon as I received a number to call.

I called and got a sell sohard, complete with appeals to sympathy ("we already paid" and "we'retaking a loss") and aspersions on my character ("is this how you dobusiness?"), that I had to get upset (at which point she called hersupervisor) and scream (at which point I was put on hold for a while) andcry (at which point they finally agreed to cancel the account) to get mymoney back.It was the second worst hour I have ever spent on the phonein my life.

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